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Last updated on Friday 26, 2002
Hope everyone is enjoying the Marathon today!! I am totally construting my site! I know I haven't updated it in months and I am terribly sry! I am contructing my site not layout wise but with the pages, pictures, articles and everything!! This site is going under consrtuction for a while and I will be updating it lil by lil everyday! Hopefully it will be ready in no time!! So keep checking back!! Thank You!!

Theme Song for Lizzie McGuire/What's up with Lizzie and check out the latest episode filmed of the show Lizzie McGuire!
If you believe, we've got a picture-perfect plan and we got too fooled
cause we only do the best we can
and sometimes we'll make it but sometimes fake it but we're one step closer each and everyday when we figure it out on the way!

Now you can sing along when you watch Lizzie McGuire!!!!!!

There will be 2 new episodes airing in August there might be more but only 2 that I know of so far!

Airing August 9, 2002-
Title: Just Like Lizzie

Lizzie decides to mentor a seventh grader, but the ``sevvy'' starts to copy her in every way.

Fri Aug 9 07:30P DISE- The Disney Channel
Sat Aug 17 07:30P DISE- The Disney Channel
Sun Aug 25 07:30P DISE- The Disney Channel
Sat Aug 31 01:30P DISE- The Disney Channel

Airing Auguest 23, 2002
Title: Lizzie In The Middle

Frankie Muniz visits the school and asks Lizzie out.

Fri Aug 23 07:30P DISE- The Disney Channel
Sat Aug 31 07:30P DISE- The Disney Channel

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